About Us

Come visit our shop! We are located at :

890 Comstock St.
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Tel: 408-970-8733

Founded in 1985, our mission today is the same as it was then. To ensure a better, more positive experience for the tire customer by providing the highest level of service possible with  a detail to attention and knowledgeable service that differentiate us from competitors. New Tire Warehouse offers the full spectrum of replacement tires and alignment.

There was a time of change during the 1990′s in the tire and wheel world with the introduction of low profile tires. In order for us to keep up our commitment with the same level of service and expertise investments in equipment and location upgrades were made. Our company strives to grow with the times keeping up with industry trends as well as making our own.

We feel keeping tires on the road longer helps maximize the value of the product and most importantly it keeps them out of land fills. Our unique position of having the technology and commitment to service excellence enables us to be an industry leader in this eco-friendly field.

Today we have expanded once again to offer a complete line of tires and alignment service. Our original goal of a better more positive experience can bee seen in our new 8,000 sq/ft location, constant training and upgrading of equipment and the same friendly “professional car enthusiasts” to greet you every time. By keeping a “workshop” atmosphere we have been able to grow our business without becoming a production line, as is so often associated with our competition. As we celebrate our 28th year in business we are still proud to offer the full spectrum of quality tires at low prices.

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